Q:  Are you an architect? Or an interior designer?

A:  I have a B.A. in architecture, which is a liberal arts degree.  I am not a licensed architect.  However, I have a solid knowledge base of architectural standards and principles.  I am comfortable generating architectural drawings and coordinating technical drawings; I often work on projects where I and an architectural team collaborate on the design as well as its execution.  If your job needs to be filed with an architect and you have not already contracted one, am happy to assist in helping you choose. 

My past work has included a range of experience in architecture as well as interior design, and I can deliver a space finished to its bare bones, or completely furnished, down to the silverware and linens.

Q: Is your work only in the NYC metropolitan area?

A: Not at all.  While most of my work is in NYC, I am based in Beacon, NY in the lower Hudson Valley and am available to work throughout the region.  I have also successfully worked on projects throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.  I am comfortable working on projects anywhere in the world and can coordinate with your local consultants.  

Q: My budget is limited, but I would still like to work with you.  Is that possible?

A: Absolutely.  I firmly believe that good design should be an everyday luxury, and that there are affordable solutions within every budget.  Give me a call and let's see what we can work out.

Q: How do your fees work?

A: Every project is different.  But in general, I like to work on a fixed Design Fee based on the scope of your project; and, like most designers, I'll charge a commission on anything purchased through me, where I pass along to you any designer discount I receive.

When construction and architectural coordination are involved, I charge commission for supervisory services of the construction and coordination with the consultants.