Part architect, part decorator, Pamela Dailey is a designer who brings to each project a breadth of range that reflects over 15 years’ experience working to transform design ideas into real life solutions.  Pam holds a B.A. in Architecture from Yale University and roots every project in the belief that craft lends design its value.  

Bringing the vision, the vocabulary, and the diplomacy to see a design proposal through with lasting effect, Pam skillfully balances project costs against aesthetic and functional demands and guides clients toward design decisions calibrated to meet the priorities of a well-considered budget. 

Architecture-driven interiors are at the heart of my work.  The projects I take on are a reflection of my clients’ priorities and  (at their best) translate their individual style into designs grounded in timelessness while resonating with the zeitgeist.  I have had the privilege of facilitating the completion of projects all over the globe, with a critical mass of residential and commercial projects in New York City.  

I take a holistic approach to design, toggling between the big picture and details that are best appreciated up-close.   In every project, my aim is to administer design decisions appropriately to streamline the intricacies of bringing a design idea into real life.

Moreover, my design practice follows my family, and we have made home for both here in Rochester, NY.