Pamela Dailey Design specializes in architecture-driven interiors, where the big picture and the smallest details are carefully considered; the relationship between a space’s architecture and its decoration is brought into focus as fundamental to the success of each project.

Pamela Dailey is a designer with the vision, the vocabulary, and the diplomacy to see a design proposal through with lasting effect.  Each project benefits from the breadth of Pam’s range as part architect, part decorator; she holds a B.A. in Architecture from Yale University and has worked for over a decade alongside masters of the industry, and the artisans, craftsmen, and builders who transform ideas into real life solutions. 

By drawing on the understanding that craft lends design its value, and by making design decisions calibrated to meet the priorities of every budget, the firm skillfully balances project costs against aesthetic and functional demands.  With keen sensitivity to the economy of time as well as money, Pamela relies on her rich work experiences in high end residential, retail, and commercial design -- and the relationships she has forged over the years -- to streamline the intricacies of the process required to execute a design idea.