Just as babies become the toddlers who grow up to be wallflowers or leaders or parents then grandparents, changing a litle bit every day -- so too does our world change bit by bit.  But every now and again, something huge happens.  Like when tectonic plates inching along crash at last, completely changing the landscape forever. 

Side note: Check out this sweet video that captures the aging of a young girl over a hypothetical span of 70 years.


Like the way cubism, and the representation of multiple planes simultaneously in a single picture, forced so powerful a shift in artistic perspective that its influence extended beyond two-dimensional art into sculpture, architecture, and also the non-visual arts-- literature, philosophy, music.  

Villa Muller

Visiting Adolf Loos' Villa Muller in Prague was that for me - a pivot point.  

Authors like Beatriz Colomina (among many others) more eloquently describe the intensity with which Loos wields architecture - and the juxtaposition of rich and complex interior compositions against a stark facade - as a tool to comment on the human condition and the split between our private and public lives....

Anyway, I remember taking in the sumptuous materials, the spatial genius, the surprisingly vivid colors; and I was stumped by the presence of this table lamp that seemed so out of place. 


Villa Muller table lamp.jpg

But I've come around since then, and perhaps Loos foreshadowed the work of Thaddeus Wolfe, whose glass Assemblage pieces illustrate the impact of cubism in three-dimensional art forms.  Loos' table lamp, with its geometric forms, symbolizes "a profound reorientation towards a changed world."

With every movement come faddish elements as well, and geometric forms are trending pretty hard right now, and the fullness of time will reveal each piece's lasting power.  With everything frozen with this winter storm, a little time capsule of related eye candy we can come back to later seemed appropriate:


"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize..."

(Clairee, Steel Magnolias).  

Cozying up with a throw -- on the sofa, in bed, with a good read, or your favorite snugglebug -- is a natural response to temperatures dropping outside.  In more temperate climates, the warmth factor is less relevant than the cushy effect. 

Throws are great accessories in any room because they function exactly as accessories do: they add visual interest, a layer of texture, and reinforce your vibe for a fraction of the cost of the staples that anchor how everything works. 

So while some of our wardrobe changes may arise from weather conditions in real life, some lucky you's out there may be just getting to replacing your summery florals with a more wintry color scheme to get into the spirit.  

In the same vein, swapping out or adding in a throw brings some flair to marking the seasonal shift.  

You can't go wrong with cable knit...

Whether your look is light and airy, or a little moodier.  Changing the scale of the knit adds dimension too.

A solid color gives a neutral palette more depth; or it brings a pop.

For me, the ultimate is fur.  In a crisp modern space, in a feminine sitting room, in a whimsical yet organic living room.It screams cozy, and there are sustainable options for the real thing as well as faux. 

Or toss in some pattern to bring in some subtle funk.

Feeling inspired to accessorize? They make excellent gifts too.  Check out some of the selections below, get your weekend going, and you're on your way --- wishing you all a great weekend.