Last February I was contacted by a friend of a friend of a friend to help make an NYC carriage house, with gorgeous bones but a sad face, a livable home for her family.  The intention was to essentially stage a quick makeover to tide them over until a much more comprehensive renovation in the future.  

To that end, my client re-used most of her existing furniture, and my task was to assist with the big picture and fill in where necessary: architectural elements, easy makeovers for some existing pieces, and some new things for each space.   Not unlike most projects, it only grew as time went on.  Many were involved.  It took on a life of its own.  And my fearless client took on huge chunks of the project herself -- an unenviable choice.  The family is all moved into the house now.  A labor of love, the project will never be completely over.  For now, I am very happy to share some snaps!